I am a Seattle native, and those roots have instilled some eco-conscious habits that I can’t shake. I love nature and the outdoors and I have an educational background in science. I moved to Charlotte for work and I want to continue to make an effort in making this city feel more like home to me. Part of that  for me is creating whatever is inside my head to express myself artistically. I have grown up using many different kinds of media from clay, to 3D hangings, but one that has stuck has been acrylic paint. I have been able to see and attend a lot of different artistic events in Charlotte and I am excited to jump into it.

100 Tiny Thing "Finger Selfies"

A small scale selfie wall where you take a picture of your finger posing. There will be a ballpoint pen available so that the community can express themselves and put a face onto their finger for the picture.

100 Tiny Thing "Breakfast for Bees"

A big part of my Pacific Northwest roots is a love for plants and animals and a desire to find different ways to help the earth. This tiny art project will be in the shape of different foods: (a bowl of cereal, waffle, and other foods) that are made of clay and sealed to resist the elements. These small art pieces will allow for small pockets of water to be held in them. In addition to being a piece in this installation, they will also be stations for bees to safely drink water. Bees need water just like humans and pollinating can be a hard job in the Charlotte heat. Having accessible and safe water is a small way we can help out the bee population, and if it’s in the shape of small breakfast food I think that’s even better.

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