Heather Kostell, a native New Yorker living in Charlotte, NC, is a visual artist specializing in pen and ink illustrations, paintings, and handcrafted items. As a former educator and advocate for childhood and play, Heather creates playful works of art that foster connection, celebrate imagination, and awaken the child in us all. She creates pieces that are accessible, engaging, and bring a sense of joy and wonder to a wide range of people regardless of age or gender.

100 Tiny Thing "Fungi are Fun!"

As a child, I spent many hours outside pretending and using my imagination. I always wondered if plants and insects felt emotions and talked to one another, especially when humans weren't around. Today, even though I'm all grown up, I still imagine flowers, fungi, and other things in nature having human-like emotions and qualities. "Fungi are Fun" is a glimpse into the secret lives of mushrooms- their feelings, thoughts, and what it’s like having a unique kingdom in a world full of humans. Each little mushroom will have its own, unique personality (i.e. colors, facial expression, thought bubble, shape, etc.). 

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