Aguinaldo Santos, is from Brazil, he is an artist whose work reflects his passion for photography, art, and architecture. His style is characterized by vibrant colors, bold compositions, and a fusion of different artistic techniques.

Santos's philosophy is to create art that evokes emotions and stimulates the senses. His work serves as a visual expression of his deepest desires and aspirations. Through his art, he aims to inspire and provoke, inviting viewers to delve into their own feelings and desires.

Passionate about capturing moments and architectural beauty, Santos has embarked in some projects In North Carolina, NYC, and Miami. One notable accomplishment includes Blumenthal Arts, Charlotte Shout 22,23, International House, Charlotte Creative Pool 22, and his artwork being showcased on a Times Square billboard in New York City, a testament to his talent and reach.

Santos has fostered meaningful connections with fellow artists, photographers, and architects, enriching his artistic journey. These connections have not only provided inspiration but have also opened doors to collaborations and opportunities for growth.

For Aguinaldo Santos, art is his personal punching bag, where he unleashes his emotions and desires, creating visual narratives that resonate with audiences worldwide. Through his work, he aims to leave a lasting impact and inspire others to explore their own artistic passions.

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Project for "The Journey"

Dreamer's Triumph

"Dreamer's Triumph" captures the artist's childhood dream of living in the States. At 15, a denied visa couldn't extinguish their resolve. 
This artwork portrays a child as the Statue of Liberty, adorned with encouragement phrases from their bedroom wall, symbolizing courage. A vivid testament to perseverance and youthful dreams, further highlighted by obtaining both a tourist and a student visa

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