Part surprise, part treasure hunt, 100 TINY THINGS are playful, curious, and delightfully disruptive installations that act as creative urban repair, a way to manipulate the mundane and to interpret serious architecture with a personified flair.

From googly eyes to mini murals to small sculptures, these tiny art installations are a joy to stumble upon and encourage the public to see the city through new eyes.

For its second year at the Charlotte International Arts Festival, 100 Tiny Things will be centrally located in one easy-to-walk area and will come with a more complete map making the scavenger hunt aspect a family-friendly activity to do in about 30 minutes.  


  • 100 projects will be funded $200 a piece for this. 
  • Artists may submit more than one idea or an idea that could happen in multiples and request multiple $200 stipends.  
  • Applications open from May 25th to July 21st
  • Applicants will be made aware of their acceptance status by August 4th
  • All grantees will be listed on the Charlotte International Arts Festival website and will receive additional marketing support and materials. 
  • Applicants may ask questions of the BPA team but will install and uninstall their pieces on their own.  
  • Photo documentation of the completed installation will be required to receive payment.  Applicants will be given a set place to install, determined by BPA staff, either in Uptown or Ballantyne. 

We are looking for work that: 

  • Is interactive and engaging.
  • Exciting and accessible for a wide range of audiences.
  • Can work well and look good in both day and night times.
  • Is sturdy and resilient to the touch of tens of thousands of festival goers.
  • Requires minimal daily maintenance from the Blumenthal team.

Since 100 Tiny Things is made up of many mini installations that are temporary, please be mindful that your ideas use materials that are non-damaging to surfaces. Materials like peelable vinyl, museum wax, zip ties, yarn, and others may make your idea more feasible to install temporarily. Additionally, please be aware that these are public spaces, and the festival brings many people to an area, often small things that are not attached, despite security’s watch, walk away or get broken.  

Have more questions before you apply? Submit questions to