Umayal is a multi-passionate creator who lives for the messy, magical & mystical creative process. As a self-taught mixed media artist, she loves to explore science and art and how it is interconnected. Growing up in India amongst the bright colors and culture influenced her to express and explore her cultural connections in art.

 She uses her creativity to explore her journey towards self-discovery and to connect with her inner self and the world around her. Her creations delve into her life experiences and the transformative journey of healing from childhood.

Visual interpretation with colors, textures and patterns are her medium. Ideas are her lovechild.
She loves to create and transform things. she is a healing transformational artist. She loves to guide others to find their inner Artist and True self. Now she facilitates workshops to educate about the healing power of art. 
She has participated in Juried exhibits in Charlotte art league and South end arts In Dec 2021.
Won grants from city of Charlotte for spreading awareness about COVID -19 VACCINE.
Performed in BOOM CHARLOTTE 2022 as a Visual artist 
Won an honorary award from South end art exhibit.
Received training from ASC for how to sustain and balance your creative life.
In Jun 2022, she attended BALANCING ACT - Building a sustainable creative life.
Participated in CLT SHOUT 2023 Easter egg parade.

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Project for "The Journey"

Sovereign Wise Woman- Woman’s way to Freedom, power and Love

When I came to United States, I came in a dependent visa. Even though I studied Architecture in India and was working there, I couldn’t work here because of my visa. I didn’t have any family members or friends here and felt lonely. Then I had my kids and became a stay at home mom for 10 years. Slowly I started to feel more and more resentment and depression. I struggled with depression and people pleasing patterns. I lost touch with my core and disconnected from my true self because of self abandonment.
This felt like constantly living in the fawn response and desperately desiring for someone to finally recognize who I am.

At the same time, while feeling seen is the thing I most wanted to experience, it was the thing I was most scared of in the whole world - exposed, vulnerable, seen.
This internal battle followed me all the way until the moment when I decided to begin the process to reconcile the two, and to begin living the truth unapologetically, stepping out of a fawn response.
Expressing my emotions in art helped me to be aware of my subconscious patterns and to truly see and accept my neglected parts and to step into my authority as an empowered and sovereign women. 
This painting represents the battle I went through and how owning all parts of me made me sovereign. Woman’s way and journey to accept and Love their True self. Feminine way of Freedom, power and Love.

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