Twinnation are two twin brothers (Sanwone & Santae Benjamin) from Charlotte, NC who have been in the dance community for over 10 years. The twins started dancing in local talent shows in middle school and high school, and they have recently been on this year's season of "America's Got Talent" (New York). The duo have also been in the "Breakin Convention" 1&2 (2015,2016) dance showcase and will be in the last one during the "Street Jam." Superbowl 55 Charlotte Hornets - the brothers are also known as the Collab Kings and are now authors and own their production company called Un.Titled along with 10 year vet photographer and videographer, Dweh Brown Homebase Films. 

The new collaborative piece is a Theatrical 30 minute set in the 1920s, representing the black wall street and bringing different cultures together for a bigger goal. 

Performance Times

Wells Fargo Plaza Stage

Saturday Sept. 16

5:15 pm