I am a holistic board-certified counselor and registered with the American Counseling Association. I am from Hungary. I studied visual art, including stone and ornament sculpting, for five years in Budapest, Hungary. My education experience includes an AA degree in early childhood. I earned my BS in Developmental Psychology and completed my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counselor at Liberty University. I use different strategies through visual art to help children to express their feelings and emotions. Therapeutic art is essential to help heal from trauma.

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Tree Of Life

I am from Hungary. I met with my American husband in England in 2005. Our son was born in London, UK. We were separated because he was in the USA and I was in London, UK. We were married in the UK, and I was waiting on my green card to be reunited with him in the USA to be a family. Fast forward, I was creating art for him to remember my love for him. In 2007, my son and I arrived in the USA. But life was not easy. The culture shock was real. After Budapest and London, I moved to a trailer park in Fort Mill. It was a strangle to be separated from my family in Hungary. I was going through so many feelings and emotions that led me to create growing tree healing from the roots a non profit to help others to express their feelings and emotions through visual art. 
The art piece is includes a imagenary “family” tree and tree of life mixed with feelings and expressions of emotions with mixed materials.

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