To enrich our community with African Brazilian movement art forms such as
Samba, Capoeira, Maculelê and percussion. The NC BAP hopes to promote
cultural exchange, build healthy communities, instill joy, inclusivity via the
offering of community performances, professional performances, classes,
workshops and events.

The NC Brazilian Arts Project hopes to increase cultural exchange and
community enrichment by emphasizing the social justice and the African and
Indigenous roots of Samba and Capoeira. By educating ourselves on this
embodied history we believe that we can foment honest discussions and
practices that could support social change in the United States. The NC BAP
envisions creating a culture of inclusivity while simultaneously underlining the
importance of valuing the discipline required of the performance arts.
The NC BAP hopes to promote cultural exchange and joy while
simultaneously supporting the local community in exploring how the history of
oppression in Brazil that led to the creation of these art forms can also be
compared to the history of oppression in the United States hopefully leading
to a deeper examination of how inequality can be addressed in ones’ local

NC BAP brings this vision to life by implementing the teachings our
studentship and mentorships with African Brazilian Masters, teachers and
community members.

Performance Times

Ballantyne's Backyard Stage

Saturday Sept. 16

3 pm

Sunday Sept. 17

3:15 pm

Sunday Sept. 24

7:15 pm

Sunday Oct. 1

7:15 pm