"Rimon: The Cosmogranate" is a convergence of innovation and emotion. From the heart of Jewish culture, "rimon" emerges, embodying the essence of a futuristic odyssey. Behold an immersive marvel, a pomegranate reimagined as an interactive luminous installation pulsating with vibrant light and purpose.

Within its contours, a symphony of art and interaction resounds for the public to experience. Sensors, the architects of synergy, orchestrate a dance between spectators and creation. Movements and presence become instruments, conjuring bespoke symphonies of light and sound. Witness a kinetic kaleidoscope, a living masterpiece that evolves with each dynamic interaction, an uncharted cosmos of sensory delight.

Emanating from heritage, this creation mirrors an ethos of reimagining tradition. Embracing the pomegranate's spiritual mantle, it echoes the Sukkah, an ephemeral haven cherished during the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Yet, within these age-old echoes resonates a futuristic pulse – a creation birthed from the visionary realm of Mike Wirth's Jewish Futurism. Here, ancient reverence meets cybernetic innovation, intertwining in a seamless union.

Anticipation surges as this creation metamorphoses into a haven, poised for the crescendo of Jewish high holidays and the Sukkot fest. A sanctuary where pixels and prayers converge, where technology becomes a conduit for spirituality. Mike Wirth's passion ignites, a torchbearer inviting all to partake in the euphony of tradition's evolution. Together with Rabbi Judy Schindler and Queens University of Charlotte's Hillel chapter, a tapestry of experiences awaits within these radiant walls.

"Rimon: The Cosmogranate" beckons you to transgress boundaries. Step into a new dimension, a sensory voyage where pixels paint stories and soundscapes forge connections. It's here that history finds its future, where innovation isn't a disruption but a harmonious progression. Join this luminary narrative, a celebration of unity across time and space.

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