Hi there! 
My name is Maddie (Mads) Martin, and I am an artist out of Waxhaw, NC. I am currently enrolled in Central Piedmont Community College, and will be graduating at the end of this year with an associate's degree in Graphic Arts and Imaging Technology. This degree allows me to specialize in printing, but outside of my schoolwork, I also enjoy drawing both digitally and traditionally, particularly character art. I've spent many years drawing as a hobby and am now looking to expand my skill set. Outside of artwork, I love to write, play tabletop roleplaying games, and engage in sci-fi and fantasy content. 
Thanks for reading!

100 Tiny Thing "Mirror Image"

I will install a small handheld mirror to a wall or tree. This mirror will have Charlotte's queen crown at the top of the mirror, and a caption reading 'Anyone Can Wear the Crown'. This would be an interactive piece for viewers to use as a photo opportunity, inspiring confidence while harking back to Charlotte as the Queen City.

100 Tiny Thing "Hornet's Nest"

This piece will be hung from a tree branch and made of modelling clay, paint, and stickers.

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