Lindsey Ledger

Lindsey Ledger is a versatile artist who works across multiple disciplines, with a particular focus on Photography and Sculpture. She is an American artist, born in Japan, who had the unique experience of growing up in various countries, including the United States, Thailand, Australia, and London. Having grown up in diverse cultural environments, Lindsey Ledger's art practice has been profoundly influenced by her transient upbringing. Her work delves into the complexities of home, identity, and memory, reflecting the rich tapestry of influences from her childhood. Through her art, she invites viewers to contemplate the interplay of culture, place, and self, offering a profound reflection on the human experience.

100 Tiny Thing "Don't Forget to Look Up"

"Don't Forget to Look Up" is an miniature interactive sculpture that aims to challenge the growing trend of people constantly looking down at their phones while walking. This art installation seeks to engage viewers by placing multiple framed mirror stickers on the ground. By catching the attention of passersby and encouraging them to interact with the artwork, "Don't Forget to Look Up" intends to create a playful and thought-provoking experience, personifying the very ground we walk on.  In our increasingly digital age, it has become common for people to be immersed in their smartphones, often unaware of their surroundings. This behavior leads to missed opportunities for connection and engagement with the physical world. The inspiration for "Don't Forget to Look Up" stems from observing individuals preoccupied with their phones, their eyes glued to the ground. This artwork aims to serve as a gentle reminder to lift our gaze and rediscover the beauty and wonder that exists beyond our screens. 

    The work consists of miniature framed mirrors placed on the ground, strategically positioned to catch the attention of pedestrians. Each sculpture consists of a delicate paper frame, housing a reflective sticker inside. These reflective stickers create an intriguing visual effect, capturing and reflecting the surrounding environment, including the people passing by. The frames will vary in shape and size, adding visual diversity to the installation."Don't Forget to Look Up" aims to stop people in their tracks, sparking curiosity and encouraging interaction. Viewers will be enticed to approach the sculptures, crouch down, or kneel to get a closer look. As they do so, they will find their own reflections intertwined with the environment within the frames. This interaction serves as a metaphorical invitation to reconnect with their immediate surroundings and consider the significance of their presence within the broader context of the world.