Lee is a Charlotte local artist. With a long journey of her passion for metal over 20 years, she is now exploring various mediums in her pieces.
She recently is showing great interest in upcycling/recycling materials working with clay. Her works include small pieces gathering concludes a whole unit on the wall or as sculptures, like a quilt. She is one of 20 artists of the ArtPop Street Gallery Class of 2023. You can spot her work on digital signs or billboards along with her peers’ pieces around the city in 2023 in Charlotte, NC.

Country Origin

South Korea

Project for "The Journey"

Diary: Breaking An Egg A Day

I was born and raised in the middle of Seoul, South Korea. When I turned 25, I decided to go study and explore the big differences across the Pacific Ocean.

My language was terrible, and my knowledge was small when I started school in Rochester, NY. I felt like a fish out of water, completely out of place.

Later on, I ended up in Charlotte after meeting my partner. That's when my husband and I started our own family and had four beautiful children. Without realizing it, ten years went by pretty quickly. I appreciated to enjoy watching my family grow.

But after about 15 years in Charlotte, I started to feel like I wanted to find my own place, not just as a mom but also as an artist. So, I started playing around with things I found in our garage that people usually throw away. I challenged myself to use different materials like clay, wood, and glass; to enlarge the scale and to try new stuff. 

As a mom to four kids, the tampered mind played a significant role in developing my work’s core and finding my aesthetic value from the reclaimed mediums. It is to dream of a better world and pursue second chances. It is a true joy to witness the transforming process from trashed/forgotten goods to a  unit to create beauty in my art. My life and art are like a big adventure, always looking for new chances and places.

As an artist from other cultures, I seek opportunities to share my culture here through my art, representing my daily life stories. This is a part of my 2023’ 100-day project. I decided to make my art diary by creating one clay egg each day for 100 days. I sometimes realized something I did not know, recalled my childhood, or introduced Korean culture based on my life through the clay eggs.  Hopefully, the viewer could have a chance to see some exciting awakening from my eggs.

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