Krista Murphy is an experienced landscape architect, designer, and emerging installation artist. She has a passion for designing unique spaces and places for clients, friends, and family. She has always appreciated what it is that makes a place "feel special", and strives to capture and celebrate that "spirit of a place" through her designs.
Most recently, Krista has been sharing the idea of landscape as art with a wider audience through her installation art pieces. Her work takes principles of landscape architecture like balance, color, texture, and form, and applies them to "micro-landscapes" to be enjoyed in small spaces, festivals, and urban environments. Plants, flowers, and natural/organic materials are key elements of these designs.
When Krista isn't creating, she enjoys traveling, trail running, live music, and theater. She lives and works in the historic Plaza Midwood neighborhood of Charlotte with her family and three dogs.

100 Tiny Thing "Fairy Orb"

My proposal is to create floral "orbs", (similar to the lighted "Christmas Balls" you see in the Charlotte/Plaza Midwood area around the holidays) to hang from trees around the Ballantyne's backyard site. These fun, whimsical pieces will delight visitors who stumble upon them, and will be illuminated at night with tiny "fairy lights" so that they can be enjoyed in both the day and evening hours.

100 Tiny Thing "Technicolor Heron"

My proposal is for a silhouette sculpture of a heron painted in vibrant colors to be placed along the grassy edge of one of the ponds at Ballantyne's Backyard. This location, where it will make a visual statement, juxtaposing the bright colors with the natural type of setting where one one would find a heron in the wild.

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