Kellee is a co-founder of Charlotte Conservative Theatre and a casting director for both film and stage. As an assemblage artist, she approaches her art as she would a theatrical piece. 
Kellee collects and casts found objects into a scene which provokes a humorous dialogue or crucial conversations.

100 Tiny Thing "RIP Buskin' Joe"

As we know, Buskin Joe is no longer with us. His last gig was in Romear Bearden Park for CIAF 2022. This installation will give his fans a place to say their farewells.

100 Tiny Thing "Final Dress Rehearsal"

Miniature figurines from a biblical story will be playing poker. There will be miniature food like pizza, bowl of popcorn, cigars, party hats, playing cards, poker chips and mini cash. This will be a scene that peeks into the world of working actors when they enjoy their freetime in-between acting gigs.