Initially trained in classical music, Jinna Kim is a multidisciplinary immigrant artist, photographer, filmmaker, violist and more based in Charlotte, NC. In addition to being a SAG-AFTRA eligible actress, Jinna continues to shoot photos and film, make music, and create public installations and interdisciplinary projects that highlight diverse perspectives while sneaking in educational and unique cultural content in delightful ways. Her first short film about suffragist Mabel Lee titled "Chinese Girl Wants Vote" is now part of the Digital Public Library of America. Jinna was born in Masan, South Korea.

Country Origin

South Korea

Project for "The Journey"

Last Chance Viola

In response to Asian hate during the pandemic, I came out as a multidisciplinary immigrant artist. This proposal is for a new work, to print a large photo on wood of my hands holding my viola and violin. Similar to folks not knowing the difference between Chinese and Koreans, folks may not know the difference between a violin and viola. I actually sold my violin during the pandemic then was asked to play the violin in a movie and unrelated, I was also asked to play violin at a funeral. I was able to play violin music on viola (by transposing music from treble to alto clef in my head) for the movie but was unable to play the specific music requested for the funeral in time. Since then, starting this year in 2023 I officially returned to playing both instruments after over a decade long break/ quitting. The beauty of hanging my proposed new photo printed on wood, is that this new artwork would be timeless and you might not even know they are immigrant Asian hands upon viewing.

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