Integrating make-believe and the human experience, Ingrid Swanson’s work delves into the vulnerable whispers of the heart, shoving them into the hands of your attention. Something ignored will never heal or be empathized with. Her hands build a world where it is safe to wonder, possible to hope, and brave to feel.
Ingrid is a Latina multimedia artist, whose keen interest in the innermost parts of people’s hearts has led her to pursue fine art. From sculptures, to paintings, to mosaics, to murals, bold marks and color are signature in Swanson’s work. The extreme expressiveness of the human face and form highlight the pivotality of nuances. Her work inspects one story at a time, giving a place of importance to honor even the smallest experiences. Her public works all explore topics of mental health and spreading light! They are scattered across the state, from Novant Health Medical Centers to the Charlotte International Arts Festival, to Charlotte SHOUT! and more.

100 Tiny Thing "Daydream at the Bus Stop"

I am creating a vinyl image of an African-American woman sitting on a little peg at the bus stop. As she leans back contentedly, she holds daisies in her hand, and daisy flowers surround her in the air, as if she is painting her happy state of mind into existence. 
I'll create this work in a vinyl sticker, and people waiting at the stop can be uplifted as they wait.

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