Holly Rice is an illustrator and multimedia artist who is currently working towards a Fine Arts degree at UNCC. She mostly focuses on whimsical fantasy illustration that transports the viewer into different worlds. When she’s not creating, she can be found at a local coffee shop or annoying her two cats, Cassie and Dakota.

100 Tiny Thing "Portals"

      This concept is an installation of three separate miniature pieces. The first miniature piece is a cat portal that features a small cat about to enter a portal through a hatch door. This portal leads to a cyberpunk inspired world. The second portal is a piece that transports the viewer to a wooded tunnel that the viewer can imagine shrinking down and wondering through. The third installment in the concept of miniature portals will be an ornate  window that the viewer will look through and see a fantasy scene.

100 Tiny Thing "A Cottage Door"

This miniature is a blue floral door with white trim, golden doorknob, and pink tinted windows. It sits on top of a small set of brick stairs adorned with an umbrella holder and floral planter. The flowers are well cared for by the residents of the dwelling.

100 Tiny Thing "Tiny Tavern"

This tiny project is a tavern or “watering hole.” The tavern features dark wood tones throughout and two barstools sitting at a petite bar. Bottles line the shelves and miniature plates and items will make the bar look lived in.

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