HNin Nie is a multidisciplinary artist, whose main focuses are painting and sculpture. Illustration is an influence in Nie's work by her use of images and text to visually portray a story. Through her personal experience as an Asian woman in America, Nie often dissects her feminine experience by layering vibrant imagery over imaginative or unsettling narratives.

100 Tiny Thing "BY YOUR SIDE"

This installation will be placed on any grass field or path along Ballantyne campus. There are a few unique flowers, growing side by side, with smiles on their faces. In my work, I like to anthropomorphize nature and objects to allow the audience to connect with them. I wanted to display flowers that seem to be in communication with one another. I associate the park and lying in the grass with peace, and I wanted to share a little slice of happiness in this tiny things! The pieces will be made of clay, painted, and sealed with resin. They will be built around a heavy duty ground pole.

100 Tiny Thing "COWFROGS"

This piece is a fun imaginative play with nature: COWFROGS. It is exactly what you think it is: spotted frogs that are cowboys. One has a lasso in hand, one uses their tongue as a lasso. This piece is made to bring joy, humor, and adventure to the audience. These pieces will be sculpted in clay, painted, and sealed with resin. Depending on where it stands, it can be on a pole, or on a stand.

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