Hello, my name is Gabbi Bennetti, aka Art-In-Motion! I picked this as my artist name because it best fits all of my artistic passions, dancing, art and crafts! I've been crafting and making art ever since I was little. One of my favorite crafts is crochet.
I taught myself how to crochet when I was around 13, and have been teaching myself all different tricks to get better using books, patterns from websites and YouTube videos. I'm especially fond of crocheting Amigurumis (crocheted stuffed animals). Some of my favorite Amigurumis to make are cute animals, fantasy creatures, and iconic characters from video games, tv shows, and movies. My passion for crochet has given me amazing opportunities to sell my handmade Amigurumis at comic cons and vender events, posting them on social media, and been a guest artist at ImagiCon 2019.

100 Tiny Thing "Amigurumi On The Move!"

"Amigurumis On The Move!" is the cute idea of Amigurumis taking over the hot spots in Uptown. My idea is to crochet tiny Amigurumi plushies and ornaments  (Amigurumis are crocheted stuffed animals) and hide them in places such as tree branches, or under benches and mail boxes, etc. I think this will be a great, fun, activity where families can walk around and see where Amigurumis have taken over next! Can they find them all?

100 Tiny Thing "Rock In An 'Art' Place"

"Rock In An 'Art' Place" is the idea of hiding painted rocks around Charlotte in fun places for people to find like an Easter egg hunt. Painted rocks are great for hiding in lots of outdoor areas because of the natural, sturdy and resilient nature of the rock itself. They can be hidden in areas with other decorative rocks, planted areas, under the shade and even in the corners of buildings. I think this will make a great addition to the festival as part of the family friendly scavenger hunt!