Growing up around art was something I was lucky enough to do. My Father was a photographer as a hobby, my sister dabbled in painting and an uncle a Graphic Designer. I learned what creativity was early and how to stand out from the rest. Growing up on Long Island into my early 20s didn’t offer me the best chances to spread my proverbial wings. So my decision to try something new in Charlotte, NC would prove to be one of the best things I ever did. It took some time but I surrounded myself with some of the most creative people I have ever met. Artists, musicians and writers. Being a part of that is what drives me to be creative and to stand out.

We all share the same desire to be creative and that led to an annual journey to the mountains of NC every February. For 12 years the Woods Of Olde have gathered some of the most creative people we know, turning our phones off and ignoring the distractions of everyday life and taking the time to create. It’s an annual reset that we use to learn from each other, vibe off each other and go home feeling refreshed. It’s truly a weekend to Just Be.

I have many influences as well, not all artists, but all creative minds and makers. Damon Albarn, Jamie Hewlett, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kaws, Jackson Pollock, Simon Bull, Charles Bukowski, Banksy and so many more, especially in the local Charlotte art scene Lauren and Will Puckett for instance, Rebecca Lips and all the Fellows involved. They have all thought differently and made something so unique. My creativity is fueled by them, by music, by relationships and life. I believe it’s what happens to you in your life is what drives you. I take that inspiration and create things I hope people have a reaction to. I want to hear why they feel the way they do, I want to know what they see. Art is subjective and every audience is different. Making it is simply something I am lucky enough to do and that people enjoy.

Project Details

Artist’s Statement:  WhatTheDuck?!? is a statement of nostalgia. We all remember the simpler times and the rubber duck is a culture-wide, multigenerational symbol of that. Everyone can relate to it. Everyone has a memory of it. It’s joyful and it's universal. The artist wants people to look at his work and be reminded of how fun, simple, and present moments once were in their past. 

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