Gerard Hazelton is a local actor, singer, and visual artist. With over 20 years of theatre experience, he appreciates the power of a good story! He has re-ignited his love for visual art mediums through painting, art installations, and digital graphic design. He, along with his wife, own and operate an online home decor/furniture store, "The Creative Home."

100 Tiny Thing "The Golden Golfball Shrine"

The shrine is a nod to the golf course on site, appreciation of little things in life, and eastern culture (using colors of the Diwali Indian celebration and influences from Japanese Shinto shrines). A colorful, floral, earthy installation.

100 Tiny Thing "The Toy Army vs. Multiverse Portal"

The toy army men idea will likely be near heavy traffic and would tell a story of a group of brave soldiers venturing into an unknown area via wormhole into another dimension.

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