Furia Tropikal

Founded by Jose Ayala in 1990 Furia Tropikal was born in the small Latino populated community of Union City, NJ. Just a ferry away from the Big Apple New York City, Furia Tropikal start performing at family parties, local restaurants, weddings, company events, and eventually grew into performing at major festivals around the East Coast. 

We wanted to focus on music from our roots that will bring people back great memories and happiness remembering their Latino roots. Playing music such as Cumbia, Salsa, Merengue, and other Caribbean music we began opening for big bands such as  El ‪Grupo Niche‬, La ‪Banda Blanca‬, and Los Galos etc. In 1999 we recorded our first single "Yo Solo Quiero."

After moving to North Carolina in 2004, Furia Tropikal took off flying! Local talent that shared the same passion for music and the Latin spirit formed the second group of Furia Tropikal in Charlotte in 2004 and soon became a local festival headliner. 

Performing for years at the La Plaza Fiesta, Colombian festivals, Peruvian Festivals, Latin Festivals, restaurants, bar, street festivals, We really hope to bring everyone the same happiness through music that it has brought us for the last 30 years together. 

Performance Times

Wells Fargo Plaza Stage

Sunday Sept. 17

6:30 pm

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