An award-winning animator and filmmaker with an idea for unique and also a love to create monster art. He hails from Concord, NC and has won 30 film festivals and has won grants from Charlotte is Creative and been named a top 30 under 30 for Elevate Lifestyle Charlotte.

100 Tiny Thing "Carolina Monster Club"

The idea is to have small original monster character sculptures inside of plastic non-breakable bottles placed around the trees or bushes in downtown with miniature caution signs stating to not let the little monsters out. They should be placed at the base of trees or bushes in downtown. It gives the idea of art combined with a type of ghostbuster feel and something parents and kids will love. Monsters could be small ghosts in bottles or small sasquatches to give a small shoutout to the idea of big foot existing in the North Carolina mountains and also shoutout to the many haunted locations stated to be all over the Carolinas, especially Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

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