Emily Sage is a Charlotte-based Multidisciplinary Artist that is known by her musical art. Sage’s music has strong leanings in jazz, soul, and cinema and her romantic songwriting style is largely influenced by her time spent growing up in Portugal. Sage is not typical in her approach to music, she weaves her love of visual art/creative direction and community to curate unique experiences and cross-medium collaborations.

100 Tiny Thing "I Might Be Jaded"

I will install small sculpture pieces made primarily of prisms, it looks almost as if prisms a growing out from where they are planted. ‘I Might be Jaded’ is a project that explores the human-like nature of prisms. Prisms are fascinating in the way that they are in and of themselves colorless and jagged, but with the presence of sunlight, they throw little rainbows onto anything in their path. 

Rainbows have long been a symbol of hope, of diversity, of pride. I wish to promote that in the city of Charlotte through this piece. This piece is an acknowledgement of the humility and beauty of being in that space where you may be hurt or jaded, but you allow gentle moments and spaces for light to enter in. This is an encouragement of that. Within this mental health epidemic, we as a society need little reminders, sometimes, to allow ourselves to enjoy something. Even if it's something as small as a little refraction rainbow.

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