Elizabeth is a published poet, emerging artist and amateur photographer. She works in abstract mixed media, focusing on the unexpected results of watercolor over oil pastel, ink over acrylic, hand embroidery on a page from an old book. Taking inspiration from nature’s colors, patterns, and movement, she pairs this with canvases created from dictionaries, maps, and pages from antique books having the art reflect the words on the page. 

An escapee from the world of corporate finance, Elizabeth lives and works in Charlotte, NC, with her husband, 19 year old college sophomore, and 2 nutty cats. When she’s not working, writing or painting, Elizabeth can be found reading, gardening, or sitting on her back porch.

100 Tiny Thing "Tiny Typed Haikus"

I plan to write original haikus as well as crowd source haikus from family, friends, and Charlotte artists and writers. 100 of these will be printed in typewriter font on self adhesive labels and affixed to 3.5" x 2" cards, each an original mixed media piece that I've created. These will be laminated, hole punched, and hung with various hangers (string, thread, yarn, zip ties) for display. The reverse of the card will have the poet's name and social media information if they are sharing that information. This project will incorporate art, poetry, and community and share tiny personal insights with the audience. 

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