Dylan Bannister is a visual artist whose multi-disciplinary works are based in memory, nostalgia, and antiquated tech. He maintains his studio practice in Rock Hill, SC, where he engages with the town’s growing arts community.

Bannister earned his B.F.A. from Winthrop University in 2016, where he then taught as an Adjunct Instructor of Fine Arts for two academic years. Having exhibited throughout the southeast, he has also organized and curated exhibitions, designed web-based galleries, and managed studio spaces.

In 2022, Bannister joined the ArtPop Street Gallery staff as Project Manager of its Inspiration Projects division, furthering the non-profit’s mission to make art more accessible to the communities it serves, while bringing paid opportunities to local artists.

100 Tiny Thing "A Dead Ringer"

In my art practice, my most prolific and recognizable body of work has been generated by photographically documenting public payphones. The artwork I’m proposing for 100 Tiny Things is a small-scale installation which would depict a scene of myself pointing a camera at a public payphone fixture.

This diorama-like recreation of my own art-making process would effectively become a self-portrait, while also being visually-interesting to viewers unfamiliar with my work.