An artist with a passion for all things silly and sparkly, Vanessa is inspired by her love of pop culture, folklore, and designer toys. Predominantly a sculptor and resin craftsman who typically makes wearable artwork, she has endeavored to produce public/outdoor art as a means to challenge her skills and spread a moment of happiness to passerbys.

100 Tiny Thing "Jac-OOZE-i"

A cute, slimy, little guy that is oozing with personality and is taking a personal day to let it all hang out.
He can ‘invade’ an upended pipe, a hole in a rock, or a pothole in the sidewalk. A sculpted ‘ooze friend,’ which appears to have melted, into a puddle of his own goo, and is bathing in his own ooze.

100 Tiny Thing "Buggin' Out"

100 Tiny Thing "Is It Cake"

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