Growing up in a household of creatives, I have always found a sense of purpose in experimenting with multiple mediums and abstract color stories. I am currently majoring in Graphic Design at CPCC and have worked as a creative assistant in a local art studio (Pinspiration LKN). My artistic pursuits include acrylic paint pouring, collage, crochet, and occasionally some experimental oil and acrylic painting. I adore the process of using vibrant color pairings to express abstract feelings and concepts. I create my pieces with the intention of connecting with others in an instinctive, intuitive way that words alone can’t achieve - echoing universal feelings and archetypes through immersive color palettes and abstract styles.

100 Tiny Thing "Eclectic Bijou"

Designed with the intention to captivate viewers with an eclectic attention to detail, my tiny house proposal is a celebration of all things maximalist and vibrant. Showcasing the bold potential of tiny spaces, I’ll use funky patterns, bright color pairings, and mixed media to develop eye-catching variety - a variety that urges viewers to notice all the little details that make this house a big statement! Mediums will include crochet details (done by my mom!), beads, polymer clay, and acrylic paint. Wooden furniture and tiny details will be adhered to ensure everything stays in place!