Amberley Bergmann is originally from South Africa, and is currently living in Southern California.

She is a 22-year-old with a burning passion for singing and songwriting. She is always writing new songs and working on new exciting projects that she aspires to share with the world one day. Her hope is that her songwriting brings hope, relatability and FUN. 

The project that she will be performing at CIAF is all about heartbreak, self discovery, and self love. She has selected, as well as wrote, her own songs about going through heartbreak and learning from the hard lessons that one goes through with heartbreak. Her song selection also includes songs about love and relationships and the beautiful journey we get to walk in this life, be it the hard climb to the summit or the stunning view when you reach the top.

Performance Times

Levine Ave Stage

Saturday Sept. 23

8 pm

Sunday Sept. 24

1:30 pm


Ballantyne's Backyard Stage

Saturday Sept. 23

11 am