Born and based in Charlotte, NC, Alicia Bell likes to play, create, steward, connect, and win. They are an artist, community organizer, and media transformation doula working at the intersections of afro-futurist imagination, journalism, land, food, and all the spaces in between. This practice of weaving spaces and people has led them to broom-making while learning pottery and sweetgrass basket weaving. Outside of that, Alicia loves parenting their three children, strength training, and stewarding an acre of food, fiber crops, and pollinators.

100 Tiny Thing "Sweep the Pain Away"

I will craft two handmade brooms with Black broom corn, black nylon, and acrylic adornment that reads "Sweep the pain away." These brooms will be attached with a retractable keyring . Inspired by my work campaigning for media reparations (, these brooms will allow the public to physically, spiritually, and or playfully sweep away harm that media has created for them individually, their community, and/or the broader Charlotte community.

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