Dorne Pentes is a born and bred Charlotte artist. Dorne began writing poetry and film scripts, then moved into filmmaking for over twenty years, creating a number of independently financed feature films. After his father’s passing, Dorne began drawing and painting and creating large scale art installations. Dorne’s installation the ‘Temple of Change’ was  installed at Charlotte SHOUT! 2022, and was one of two public art pieces selected for Artfields, 2022. Dorne has a unique, expressive artistic style, and has translated that style into both illustrations and large inflatable sculptures called ‘Critterz’. Dorne has a BA in English, an MFA in Filmmaking, one cute dog, an amazingly supportive spouse, and two grown children. He prefers homemade grits over hash browns and dining anytime at Dish. 



Project Description

Artist’s Statement: The Critterz are inflatable creatures from outer space who have come to spread a message of love and acceptance. Made of ripstop nylon, forced air, LED lights, and lots of love, the Critterz ask you to look inside to see what is best in you. Take a moment to gaze into their eyes and feel their joyful presence. The Critterz love you and want you to be awesome.

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