Two of my great passions in life are dancing and painting. Through both of these I seek to share my rich cultural heritage, it's beauty and diversity with the audience. 
I grew up in India and became fascinated with art at a very young age. I am a self-taught artist. What started as an innocent childhood hobby, rekindled as a passion when I moved to USA in 2009. I started making mandalas as a meditative method. But soon I was really intrigued by the details, methods and meaning behind the mandalas. I started experimenting with the techniques and exploring different ways to draw mandalas. I would describe my pieces as the source of meditative and healing powers.
During this amazing journey of self-exploration and expressionism, I have used vivid textures, hues and materials. I feel like I am not bound to any specific medium/surface, rather anything with a blank space becomes my canvas. I also like to repurpose old things and give them a new life. I believe every piece of mine portrays a specific message to the audience.
I have been part of different art shows and galleries in Charlotte Region. Till date have made several commissioned pieces as well. 

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Project for Blumenthal Fellows

Artist’s StatementA Journey through Majestic MandalasMandalas, intricate geometric patterns that symbolize the universe’s harmony, serve as the heart and soul of Anuja’s artistic expression. With a dual mastery in Biochemistry and Bioinformatics, Anuja’s journey might seem to stem from the scientific realm, yet her true passion resides in the world of artistic creation. As a dedicated mother, she rekindled her childhood love for painting, which evolved into an unquenchable flame that led her to the captivating realm of mandalas. 

Mandalas, ancient symbols of unity and tranquility, serve as a meditative gateway into Anuja’s artistry. What began as a meditative practice has transformed into a method of channeling healing energy through her art. Each stroke of the brush, or dot of paint reveals a deep exploration of the art form’s intricacies, techniques, and symbolic significance. Every piece is a chapter in her journey, a message to the observer, a mirror to introspection. Anuja invites you to embark on a transformative journey through her art, bridging cultures together through shared presence and kindling conversations across the globe. 

Project for "100 Tiny Things"

Mini Mandala Stone
Painted mandala rocks will be installed infront of bluementhal in their garden space. 

Mystic Recycled Creatures
Using recycled materials, I will be creating Mystic creatures.

Chalk Paint Sidewalk Hopscotch
Colorful hopscotch on a sidewalk where people of all ages can relive their childhood memories.

Project for "The Journey"

Cultural Triumph

My piece will be a huge multicolor mandala with elephant head motif. Besides paints, I will be using up-cycled materials to adore my piece. I will have an LED light component. In my culture, elephant is a symbol of triumph. My piece will be a symbolic representation of my personal journey, hurdles I overcame, and my success as an immigrant. 

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