Angela Clousher is a Charlotte, NC based artist. Her work and style are eclectic and versatile. Working with various mediums, she seeks ways to connect with her environment, harness and tap into the energy within and around us, and illuminate what drives, inspires, and soothes us.

Project Description

Artist’s Statement: INORGANICA: Flora & Fauna of the Sea is a dreamlike immersive tunnel view of the ocean’s animal and plant life. This magical world invokes inquisitive wonder through interactive textures, lighting, and sound. Visitors will delight upon close inspection as they realize that this aquatic biome is reimagined trash and junk transformed, created from inorganic, recycled, and repurposed forever materials such as plastic bottles, caps, containers, and bags, Styrofoam packaging materials, cups, zip ties, and other various items that clog up our oceans and landfills. 

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